London – Surviving the City

London is an incredible city. It’s constantly full of life, movement and noise.  Coming to Europe and not experiencing it would be tragic, to say the least. When I was planning my 2012 Eurotrip , Carli told me that she also wanted to go there, especially on July 7th, for World Pride. I was more than excited to experience this famous metropolis with its many wonders and intensely diverse people. But, my visit to London was actually marked by a very peculiar incident, which occurred the second day we were in the city.

First, let me backtrack a bit.

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Halfway There

Today, I’m completing 6 months here in Denmark, can you believe it? And I’m very grateful for the experience I’ve had so far. I can’t even describe the happiness I feel in being able to make my dream of traveling and seeing some of the world come true, much less measure the importance of the last few months for my life. I was able to meet extraordinary people, incredible places, be faced with new challenges and overcome them, and learn so much about the world and about myself. A few days ago, my host mom here showed me a really interesting text that is very close to what I’m feeling, so here it is:

Living away from home is not just about learning a new language. It’s not just walking through different streets or meeting different people and cultures. It’s not just the value of the money that changes. Continue reading “Halfway There”