Returning after 3.000 hits!

After five months since my last post, here I am once again attempting to finish updating and documenting all the amazing experiences I had while living in Denmark and embracing the traveling spirit.  From the end of last year (when I last got a chance to post something) until now, things have been wonderfully busy. Between Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, being blessed with the opportunity of visiting four more beautiful countries, celebrating my 25th birthday, calling the USA my home for two months, then finally making it back to the homeland and returning to school, I have had little time to update my blog. To be honest, I was actually a little unsure as to whether or not I should even continue updating it altogether, seeing as my big year of adventures is sadly over. Continue reading “Returning after 3.000 hits!”


100 Days in Denmark – A Brief Recap

I can hardly believe it, but today I’m completing 100 days here in Denmark. Time is flying by, the past few days went by way too fast and lots has happened. So, let’s get right to it, I’m going to try to sum up what’s been happening these past few weeks.

I think the best thing is to start off with the bad news and then finish the post on a lighter note. I’ve actually been avoiding thinking about the subject, but it’s inevitable, so here goes. Two weeks ago, on the 18th of May, one of my cousins, Aldo, passed away. Continue reading “100 Days in Denmark – A Brief Recap”

Happy Mother’s Day

Congratulations to all the wonderful mothers that are a part of my life! Thank you for your delicious cooking, affection, tenderness, patience and love. Without you I wouldn’t be the same!

And congratulations, especially, to my beautiful mom. Thank you for everything you’ve taught me, your wisdom, advice, strength and caring. Thank you for raising me, giving me values, courage, determination and humility.  Thank you for the talks, the laughs, your shoulder and hugs. Thank you for being an example of a woman, friend, sister and citizen. Thank you for everything you are, everything you represent, everything you have done and will do. Thank you for being a mother.

I love you immensely and miss you every day! Have a Happy Mother’s Day!