Karneval in Aalborg

This post is long overdue, but it somehow got lost in the shuffle of things. But, better late than never, right?

So, on the last Saturday of May, my dear friends Juan, Kimberly, Lucas, Sabrina and I rented a car and drove a couple of hours north of Aarhus to the city of Aalborg.

We had heard about Karneval, a week long festival, with parades, music and fun. In fact, the parade on Saturday is supposed to be the biggest parade in Northern Europe. And believe me, it is amazing!

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Copenhagen – Even More Beautiful in the Summer

Going to Copenhagen (København in Danish,) I had very big expectations. I was meeting up with two of my best friends from childhood, Carli and Paige. I was excited to finally see them again after only communicating through emails and Skype for the last three years and I was looking forward to our big three-week Eurotrip together. But, Copenhagen exceeded all of my expectations. Not only was I reunited with two incredible friends, I was also with an amazing new friend, an adorable CouchSurfing host and, to top it all off, amazing weather.

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Before coming to Denmark, I was introduced to a community called CouchSurfing. The idea of it is the sharing of experiences between people from all over the world while they travel. You can, for example, stay at someone’s house, host someone at your place, meet up with someone who lives in the city that can take you sightseeing, or do this for someone where you live.

My dear friend Milenie heard about this community and decided to go to their weekly meeting, and of course, I decided to tag along. It was a really great experience, the members from CS Curitiba are really friendly, they welcomed us with open arms and I was really excited about the idea. I decided to sign up for the community and try to get in touch with the people from CS Aarhus.

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