Malmö – A Last Minute Trip

Before I started my July Eurotrip, I had everything planned over a month before I was supposed to head out. Malmö was a different story.

I only decided to go to Malmö about a week before the trip was supposed to start. My host family was going away during the last week in June on a camping trip, which meant I had five extra days to spend as I wished, and my wish was to get a head start on my big trip. Since I was going to Copenhagen to meet up with some friends in a few days, I looked into cities near Copenhagen that would be interesting to travel to, and I stumbled upon the great city of Malmö. Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden and it’s conveniently located just 30 km east of Copenhagen, which means a 35 minute train ride to get from one city to another. Perfect for a last-minute addition to my itinerary. Continue reading “Malmö – A Last Minute Trip”


100 Days in Denmark – A Brief Recap

I can hardly believe it, but today I’m completing 100 days here in Denmark. Time is flying by, the past few days went by way too fast and lots has happened. So, let’s get right to it, I’m going to try to sum up what’s been happening these past few weeks.

I think the best thing is to start off with the bad news and then finish the post on a lighter note. I’ve actually been avoiding thinking about the subject, but it’s inevitable, so here goes. Two weeks ago, on the 18th of May, one of my cousins, Aldo, passed away. Continue reading “100 Days in Denmark – A Brief Recap”

Beach Day!

This week the weather has really turned around here in Aarhus. The sun has been shining brightly and the wind has died down quite a bit, so temperatures have really gone up. On Wednesday, we had about 20°C, it was wonderful. In fact, the weather was so nice that I decided to take the little ones for a walk on the beach.

Sofia wasn’t able to come along since she had a violin lesson, but Victor was more than happy to get some sand between his little toes.
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Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day, I took my bicycle for a ride and spent the entire day outside.
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Happy Surprises

At every turn, life holds surprises. Today, the surprise was a very happy one. Life reserved a little piece of paradise for me: the best reading corner I’ve ever had.

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Ten Things from Ten Days in Denmark

Today marks the tenth day that I’m living in Denmark. And to celebrate, I thought I’d finally start this blog that I’ve been thinking of creating. I hope you guys enjoy reading it and can get a feel for the many adventures that, I’m certain, are to come.

And to start on the right foot, I thought I’d post ten things about Denmark. Things I’ve felt, seen, heard and experienced these first 10 days. Continue reading “Ten Things from Ten Days in Denmark”