Returning after 3.000 hits!

After five months since my last post, here I am once again attempting to finish updating and documenting all the amazing experiences I had while living in Denmark and embracing the traveling spirit.  From the end of last year (when I last got a chance to post something) until now, things have been wonderfully busy. Between Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, being blessed with the opportunity of visiting four more beautiful countries, celebrating my 25th birthday, calling the USA my home for two months, then finally making it back to the homeland and returning to school, I have had little time to update my blog. To be honest, I was actually a little unsure as to whether or not I should even continue updating it altogether, seeing as my big year of adventures is sadly over. But, after checking in and seeing that since my last post the blog has gotten over 1,000 hits, totaling in just over 3,000, I could not ignore my little project. For many, 1,000 hits is something to be proud of if it happens in one day, but for me, in five months without a single new post, getting a 1,000 hits is just the push I needed to continue writing here, even if just to be able to check back in five or ten years and read through the blog remembering these adventures as if they had just happened yesterday. I feel like I got back from a year-long break from the real world, and so much has changed inside of me that it would be nice to put it all on paper, or in this case, blog. The challenges, the victories, the friendships and bumps along the way, are definitely worth recording, so consider this an introduction of what’s still to come.

For today, I’ll just say that being back in Brazil has been wonderful, refreshing, exciting, and even scary, all at the same time. Being back in the arms of my beautiful family, amazing friends, speaking and hearing Portuguese, eating delicious food and playing with my gorgeous pup has been great. However, I can still hear the buzzing of the traveling bug that bit me last year and I have already begun to feel the effects of cabin fever (is that possible in a city of 1.8 million people?) What scares me, is that I don’t know if, when or how I’ll continue to invest in my newfound love, but time will certainly help me to figure it out.

family barbecue
Delicious Brazilian barbecue the day I got back to Brazil. Surrounded by gorgeous cousins, with my oh-so-handsome baby bother up front, and my crazy uncle photobombing in the back.
Alex driving
When you’re away for a year, baby brothers get their driver’s license. Going for a drive with the city’s newest and best driver.
After coming back with a twisted ankle (this story deserves its own post), I got the best sidekick for hanging out and waiting for the swelling to go down and for things to heal.

Soon to come: adventures in Paris in July/2012 and, fingers crossed, about twenty other posts.


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