Aarhus – Being the Guide, Not the Tourist

Coming to Aarhus after the Copenhagen and Malmö trip was not at all like I had planned. The only chance I had to be a guide during the July 2012 Europtrip, I led everyone in the wrong direction. Well, the direction was right, the distance was just a tad off. Anyway, being a guide, instead of the tourist, was an interesting experience. But, next time I’ll make sure to do a little more research beforehand.

Voted the best dinner of Eurotrip 2012.

Originally, since we were going to be here for a couple of days, I wanted to take the girls on a walking tour of the downtown area of the city, maybe go to a pub quiz, the ARoS Museum and its Rainbow Panorama, and to the Moesgård Forest and the Dyrehavn, a beautiful deer park next to the forest. Instead of the tour, the pub quiz and the museum, we ended up having an amazing dinner, tie-dyeing, doing laundry, and finally going to the deer park.  I say finally because getting there was quite an adventure, due to a silly mistake on my part. Basically, we ended up taking the wrong bus. No big deal.

I was certain that if we took the 18, we would end up at our desired destination. Instead, we went about 7km farther than we needed to. We did end up having lots of fun, though. We stopped at the last stop of the bus, which happened to be the Moesgård Museum. Unfortunately, it was closed. Fortunately, we had lots of food and decided to have a picnic (those that know me know that food always makes me happy) and found a very fun swing to play on. We also had nice weather, which always makes any situation better. (To see the pictures in a larger size, just click them.)

After playing like a bunch of 8-year-olds, we decided it was time to make our way down to the deer park, otherwise it would soon be too dark to see any animals. We had ourselves a lovely, yet long, walk and finally arrived at our destination around 10 pm. Now, believe it or not, because Denmark is located so far up north, in the summer at 10 pm there’s still plenty of daylight, so we still had time to hang out with all the cute deer. At first, the girls were a bit skeptical that we would see anything because the deer were all hiding. But, I went ahead of them, into the trail, very quietly and broke one of the carrots we brough to feed them with and waved it in the air. In a few short minutes, I was surrounded by curious and hungry deer. We fed them for about half an hour. Carli went through many emotions, from deathly afraid to having fun, and we finally headed over to the bus stop. Luckily, we caught the last bus home.

The next day, we had to leave Maia’s dorm (where we had set up camp for a couple of days) in the wee hours of the morning to catch our bus to the airport. The bus takes about an hour or so to get to the airport, so Paige and I took the opportunity to get our things organized for our Ryanair flight. Now, if you haven’t flown with Ryanair before, let me give you a quick breakdown of what this airline is all about: cheap. That’s basically it. So you get crazy cheap flights, for crazy cheap conditions. Meaning you don’t get to check in any bags (unless you pay extra for them.) And, since we had decided to opt out of paying the extra money, we had to make sure our bags weighed no more than 10 kg. Since we were both afraid of having our bags over the maximum weight, we decided to take some things out of our bags and wear them instead. I, for example, had on three dresses, a pair of jeans, a purse turned scarf and a couple of jackets. Paige I don’t even know how many layers she had on. Suffice it to say that when she repeated this “outfit” leaving London and going to Dublin, she was strip searched by airport security.

Almost Ryanair ready. All that’s missing are the jackets.
Ryanair queen.

Being in Aarhus with old friends was great, I only wish they’d gotten to see more of this beautiful city. Maybe next time.


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