Karneval in Aalborg

This post is long overdue, but it somehow got lost in the shuffle of things. But, better late than never, right?

So, on the last Saturday of May, my dear friends Juan, Kimberly, Lucas, Sabrina and I rented a car and drove a couple of hours north of Aarhus to the city of Aalborg.

We had heard about Karneval, a week long festival, with parades, music and fun. In fact, the parade on Saturday is supposed to be the biggest parade in Northern Europe. And believe me, it is amazing!

We got to Aalborg around 11:00 a.m. and made our way over to the city centre and immediately joined the fun. There were tons of people, in all sorts of costumes, walking down the main street of Aalborg towards Kildeparken, a park set up just for the Karneval with several music stages, with DJ’s or live bands. We also got very lucky and had amazing weather, hot and sunny.

Here’s a sample of what we encountered (notice my failed attempt at dressing like a hippie):

Thousands of people in costumes.
Bananas in pyjamas!
I wonder how long it took him to get ready…
Waldo was everywhere.
Ten hut!
Mario without the kart.
Walking like an Egyptian.
At the end of the parade. Chaos.

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