Copenhagen – Even More Beautiful in the Summer

Going to Copenhagen (København in Danish,) I had very big expectations. I was meeting up with two of my best friends from childhood, Carli and Paige. I was excited to finally see them again after only communicating through emails and Skype for the last three years and I was looking forward to our big three-week Eurotrip together. But, Copenhagen exceeded all of my expectations. Not only was I reunited with two incredible friends, I was also with an amazing new friend, an adorable CouchSurfing host and, to top it all off, amazing weather.

Typical facade in Copenhagen.
Bikes, bikes and more bikes.
Downtown Copenhagen.
Modern art on the streets of Copenhagen.
Copenhagen street art. This one included the word “jo,” which quickly became our favorite Danish word for the trip. It’s pronounced like “yo” and means “yes” when someone says a negative sentence. For example:
Anyone, anywhere, anytime: You’re not hungry, are you?
Andrea: JO!
More street art. “Everything has an end, a sausage has two.”

Our journey in Copenhagen had a very sleepy start. Maia and I were extremely tired from our trip to Malmö, while Carli and Paige were tired from their flights from the USA. But, we managed to muster up enough energy to get ourselves over to our CouchSurfing host’s house, and then everything fell into place. From the get go, our host, Mikkel (I still can’t properly pronounce his name,) was incredibly nice and welcoming. After dropping our bags off and talking for a bit, we went out to a grassy area near his place to sit in the sun for a bit and enjoy a cold beer and some ice cream. Since summer weather is so seldom in Denmark, you have to make the most of it, so why not the two summer favorites in one sitting? Later on, we went to one of Mikkel’s favorite restaurants and had a bit of a feast. At first, I was a little apprehensive, not knowing whether or not everyone would get along, but it was amazing how much fun we all had together. We laughed nonstop all through dinner, so we were all very sad that Mikkel had to head off to work.

First outing with our host Mikkel, on the left, and Maia. Ice cream and beer on a beautiful (and rare) Danish summer day.
The first meal of the trip and one of the most delicious. It’s easy to see how the world’s best restaurant is in Denmark.

After dinner, we headed back to Mikkel’s apartment (he was kind enough to leave us with a key) to change and then meet up with a Brazilian friend I had met in Aarhus, Lucas, for a few drinks. He had called me to let me know he was in Copenhagen as well and that he wanted to meet up. Since we were extremely tired and sleep deprived, we agreed to get together for a quiet evening, just a couple of drinks and a chat. Cut to a few hours later and we were downtown bar hopping until 8 a.m. Even Mikkel managed to join in on the craziness after he got off work, meeting up with us outside one of the bars around 4 a.m. Since none of us had had a goodnight’s sleep the night before, we all crashed as soon as we got back to the apartment and only woke up at 5 p.m. Basically, the quiet night plan was never followed through. To cure our collective hangover, when were all up, we walked to a nearby park, Frederiksberg Have, and spent a few relaxing hours there.

Me, Paige and Carli. First night in Copenhagen together, aaaah!
Beautiful trees, on our way to Frederiksberg Have.
Amazing bird at Frederiksberg Have.
Frederiksberg Have after a very long night/morning, the best cure for a hangover.
Frederiksberg Have, a beautiful park, almost like a fairy tale with all the tiny white flowers.
One of four grand elephant gateways at the Carlsberg Brewery in Copenhagen.

Later that night, we watched the Eurocup finals (Spain vs. Italy) and ate too much pizza. We also celebrated Canada Day (July 1st) with a cake, baked by the sweetest Canadian, Maia. The next day we walked around Copenhagen for a bit, managing to explore some of Christiania and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Opening the door to our host’s apartment with the key he lent us!
While sightseeing, there’s always time to pretend to be a model.
Classic Denmark. Lots of bikers and dark clouds in the sky.
Next to one of the beautiful canals.
There were beautiful flowers all over the city.
This was the last place we visited in Copenhagen, Christiania. It is an autonomous community in the middle of the Danish capital. It was first created when a group squatted in a military area in the early 70’s and has since then been developed to have its own laws, schools, unique architecture, even flag. The community is known for its open cannabis trade.
Amazing mural in Christiania.
Another incredible mural.
Christiania, filled with beautiful murals and flowers.
Great company for sightseeing, eating and partying! Miss you all!
The Copenhagen family.

Copenhagen is a beautiful city. There are plenty of distinct neighborhoods to walk around in, lots of beautiful Danes to watch, colorful buildings and street art, a sea of bicycles and many parks, restaurants and bars to choose from. Seeing the city with the wonderful people in the picture above was an incredible experience. I think the grins on our faces say it all. We had a blast.


4 thoughts on “Copenhagen – Even More Beautiful in the Summer

      1. Definitely! Were you an au-pair in Denmark? I’m thinking about becoming an au-pair in Copenhagen and the family I skyped with seems really nice and super cool. But I read somewhere that Danish families expect the au-pair to clean a lot and some might even treat them as a housemaid. They also said that the family seemed really friendly and nice at first. For example, this was Rachel’s experience in Denmark:


        1. Yup, I was an au pair! Honestly, I think people’s experience as an au pair can vary a whole lot, so don’t base all your expectations on what only a few people tell you. Yes, au pairs in Denmark are definitely expected to clean a whole lot, but many people have great experiences there. I didn’t have the best family, but I had an overall amazing experience. I got to travel to over 10 countries, met tons of amazing people (Danish and other foreigners), worked my butt off, and gained tons of experiences in many aspects. Yes, there are horror stories when it comes to being an au pair, and yes, in Denmark they do seem to take advantage of the Philippine girls that go there, which is very unfortunate. But, there are some great Danish families that do want a cultural exchange and that do treat their au pairs as one of the family members. If you want to talk some about it, and if you have any other questions, you can e-mail me at =)


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