Halfway There

Today, I’m completing 6 months here in Denmark, can you believe it? And I’m very grateful for the experience I’ve had so far. I can’t even describe the happiness I feel in being able to make my dream of traveling and seeing some of the world come true, much less measure the importance of the last few months for my life. I was able to meet extraordinary people, incredible places, be faced with new challenges and overcome them, and learn so much about the world and about myself. A few days ago, my host mom here showed me a really interesting text that is very close to what I’m feeling, so here it is:

Living away from home is not just about learning a new language. It’s not just walking through different streets or meeting different people and cultures. It’s not just the value of the money that changes. It’s not just working with something you would never do in your country. It’s not just acquiring a diploma or a taking different course. Living abroad is not just making new friends and collecting varied photos. It’s not just having crazy hours and seeing your routine transform daily. It’s not just learning to take care of yourself, wash, iron, cook. It’s not just not having to answer to noone and being your own person. It’s not just loving the new, the changes and missing loved ones and things from your country. It’s not just the distance. It’s not just the newness. Living abroad is learning much more about yourself. It’s maturing and seeing a new world of possibilities ahead of you. It’s seeing that it is possible to do everything you dreamed of and seemed so surreal. It’s seeing your objectives change. It’s to change. (Original text)

The last 2 months were filled with new things. I traveled a lot, reunited with old friends, said goodbye to many others and met many incredible people. I traveled a total of 31 days accompanied by wonderful friends, staying in hostels, staying with friends or relatives of friends, and CouchSurfing, I visited jaw-dropping museums, gorgeous monuments, tasted typical foods and drinks from many places, and enjoyed the sun, rain and wind of many different climates. I’ll post in more detail about the trips in the next few weeks, but here are some photos that will give you an idea of where I’ve been:

Taking advantage of the sun in Malmo, Sweden.
Entrando no apartamento do nosso host do CouchSurfing em Copenhague.
Going into our CouchSurfing host’s apartment in Copenhagen.
Fazendo pose de turista em frente ao Big Ben.
Striking a tourist pose in front of Big Ben.
Na Irlanda, nunca imaginei um lugar tão verde.
In Ireland. I had never imagined such a green place.
Momento diva em Paris.
Diva moment in Paris.
Correndo pela fonte de Munich, cumprindo uma tradição de turistas!
Running through a fountain in Munich, following tourist tradition!
Encantada com a beleza da galeria Rei Vittorio Emannuele em Milão.
Delighted by the beauty of Rei Vittorio Emannuele gallery in Milan.
Adorando a praia de Numana na costa leste da Itália.
Loving Numana Beach on the east coast of Italy.

I still have 6 months to go here, lots of people to meet, many places to discover and lots of cold to endure. I feel that I’m ready for all these new things, ready to face whatever comes my way and anxious to see some more of this wonderful world. The next half of this journey looks promising!


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