First time CouchSurfing!

As I had mentioned in an earlier post, I had been thinking of trying to use CouchSurfing on this trip to Barcelona instead of staying at a hostel or hotel, and that’s just what we did! My friend Kimberly and I requested lots of different couches using the website and we were finally able to find someone to host us. They say that Barcelona, despite being a city where CouchSurfing is very active, is really tough to find a couch, since it’s such a popular tourist spot and everyone wants to visit this amazing city. Well, we found a place to stay the first two nights of the trip (Tuesday and Wednesday) and for the third (Thursday) we kept trying to find an emergency couch (there is a group on CouchSurfing specifically for this.) So, we started our trip not having found a place to stay the third night. In case we didn’t find anything by the third day, we had planned to stay at a hostel. But, luckily we ran into a couple of girls that we knew from a Brazilian party we had gone to a week earlier. They were also on the bus going to the Aarhus airport and the invited us to stay with them at their hotel in Barcelona in case we didn’t end up finding our emergency couch.

In front of my first host’s apartment!

The name of our host was Josep and we stayed at his apartment for two nights. It was a really cool experience, he made us feel very welcomed as did his roommates. Since he was having exams that week, he wasn’t really able to go sightseeing with us, but he made us feel at home, we used his kitchen to prepare our dinner and he gave us a key to get back into the apartment when we went out the first night. On the second day, we met up at a museum and later he took us to a local bar to see the FC Barcelona versus AC Milan match, which by the way was a terrible game. It ended tied 0 – 0 and the players kept throwing themselves onto the ground to try to get fouls. But anyway, Josep also gave us lots of tips about public transportation, lots of interesting places to go sightseeing and to eat at, and he told us about the current political situation of Spain, which is not at all a calm one, and we were able to see that first hand with the strike on Thursday, March 29th. Basically,  it was insane, but the details are for another post.

Watching the FB Barcelona match, Josep is the guy in the black sweater.

For the third night, we were unable to find a couch, so we stayed with the girls at the hotel. We were very lucky to have run into them, because the city was really full, I don’t know how easy it would have been to find a last-minute hostel. Anyway, the first CouchSurfing experience was awesome and when having the opportunity to travel some more, I think I will be CouchSurfing again. The chance of meeting someone who lives in the area and who can give you tips about where to go, where to avoid, where to eat , how to get there and a little bit about the history of the place and about the current situation is amazing and it’s worth taking advantage of.

What about you, have you ever thought about CouchSurfing? Have you already tried it? How was it?


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