Before coming to Denmark, I was introduced to a community called CouchSurfing. The idea of it is the sharing of experiences between people from all over the world while they travel. You can, for example, stay at someone’s house, host someone at your place, meet up with someone who lives in the city that can take you sightseeing, or do this for someone where you live.

My dear friend Milenie heard about this community and decided to go to their weekly meeting, and of course, I decided to tag along. It was a really great experience, the members from CS Curitiba are really friendly, they welcomed us with open arms and I was really excited about the idea. I decided to sign up for the community and try to get in touch with the people from CS Aarhus.

Last week, on Monday, I went to my first event here, a piano recital, and I loved it. I have to admit that since I didn’t know anyone I was quite nervous and thought that I wouldn’t be able to find anyone. But, after a few minutes, I saw a group of people who were all different from each and speaking English, so I thought “it must be them!” When I approached them they asked me if I was from CS, and they were also very friendly and we began to talk. There were people from many countries, Romania, Norway, Ukraine, the US, New Zealand and a few Danes as well. We went to the presentation, which was beautiful, organized by a group of students from Aarhus, and then we went to a pub where I had my very first beer in Denmark! Unfortunately, I didn’t register the moment, I left my digital camera at home (I still can’t believe I did that.)

On Sunday, I met up with two girls from the meeting. We went to a gorgeous museum here in Aarhus (the details are for another post) and later went to another pub where I had another beer! Just like the first time, the draft beer wasn’t served very cold the way it is in Brazil, the cup didn’t even sweat. But, it was “delish.” This time I was even able to register the moment:

Oh, and I got a buddy for my trip to Barcelona at the end of the month. Barcelona? Yes, I’m going to Barcelona on the 27th and coming back the 31st. My new friend is from California and she’s in Aarhus doing a semester abroad, in European Studies. She also has never been to Europe, so she’s very excited to grab any and every opportunity to travel.

And this will be my first trip since I’ve been here. It might also be my first trip using CouchSurfing for a place to stay, apart from it already being used to find someone to keep me company, isn’t it an incredible community?

If anyone who wants to check out the community, here is the link:


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